hēRo is PAI's new Web-based platform for deploying multi-user, interactive HEOR applications. With hēRo, you’ve finally got analytic power on your iPad, Android tablet, Microsoft Surface, and even your smart phone that you thought was only possible with Microsoft Excel running on your laptop. heRo will run on just about any Internet-connected device with a browser.

You can easily deploy cost-effectiveness or budget impact models on heRo, effortlessly putting your models in the hands of those who need to use them. With heRo, though, only authorized and authenticated users have access to your HEOR models, so they also stay out of the hands of those who should not have them. When your application is running on hēRo, you’ll always know who has access to your models, who is using them, and when they are.

hēRo is the brainchild of PAI, a 40-year old, Boston-based, health-economics consultancy, which has been an industry leader in the fields of pharmacoeconomics, outcomes research, quality-of-life assessment, and health technology assessment.

If you'd like to see what a heRo application looks like, we've set one up for you to try. hēRo {Oncology} is a highly flexible cost-effectiveness model designed to facilitate rapid evaluations of development candidates in oncology. If you'd like to try hēRo {Oncology}, simply register using our secure web-form.